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Winter Dresses Velvet Shawls

Amazing Bridal Velvet Shawl for Winter Weddings 2020

Designer velvet shawls
Designer velvet shawls

Bridal Velvet Shawl designs for brides in winter season. We love this embroidered on embroidered trend for heavy traditional brides in Pakistan. Bridal wear in Pakistan has become very modern which still wanders somewhere along the boundaries of our culture. But, we love our pure and rich culture and the brides dressed in pure traditional attire look the best. This beautiful embroidered bridal velvet shawls trend not only looks very traditional but, also very royal.

Many of the designers and designer brands in Pakistan have promoted this trend of embroidered velvet shawls. Nilofar Shahid velvet shawls, Nishat Linen velvet shawls, Mohsin Naveed Raanjha velvet shawls and Kashees bridal velvet shawls inspired a lot of women and gave them so many ideas on how to wear these shawls as well.

Maroon Bridal Velvet Shawl

Maroon is the color for brides in Pakistan. Most women loved this beautiful burgundy and red color in their bridal velvet shawls. It goes really well with both traditional red lehnga and light colored lehnga as well.

Bridal Velvet Shawl
Maroon Bridal Velvet Shawls
Mahroon Bridal Velvet Shawls
designer bridal shawl
bridal shawl designer
maroon velvet bridal shawl
maroon velvet shawls

Green Bridal Velvet Shawls

This beautiful emerald green color in velvet shawl looks just perfect. A pretty color to go with your light colored valima dress. It looks perfect with whites, greys, and golds and sparkles like cat’s eyes.

green velvet shawls
green velvet bridal shawl
bridal green shawl

Black Bridal Velvet Shawls

Black is not the most favorite color when it comes to bridal shawls. Yet the most beautiful velvet shawls are made on black color. Gold has a wonderful friendship with black and red so looks very pretty with a wedding dress. You can also wear this one on the day after wedding.

black velvet shawl
embroidered black velvet shawl
embroidered black bridal shawl

Blue Bridal Velvet Shawls

Blue oozes royalty. It looks just perfect with any suit specially bridal wear. People usually go for a midnight blue or royal blue in bridal shawls but, there is a variety of blues in velvet shawls.

blue bridal velvet shawls
blue embroidered bridal velvet shawls
midnight blue bridal velvet shawls
nilofar shahid velvet shawls

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