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Latest embroidered velvet shawls to warm you up stylishly on any wedding or occasion.Velvet shawls come in different styles and designs but, each one looks as chic as anything. Some velvet shawls have heavy embroidered borders while some are fully embroidered velvet shawl. The common colors in a velvet shawl are maroon, green, blue and black. These are the most trending and vibrant colors that look good with any other contrasting color suits. Pakistani suit with velvet shawl has become really popular in Pakistan. We adore how elegant velvet shawl suits look as Pakistani wedding wear. Many Pakistani celebrities and designers have promoted this trend of velvet shawl and we just can’t get over this amazing latest trend for any formal dinner or occasion. Velvet shawls with embroidered border are usually plain at the center but really heavily embroidered at the borders. Some shawls are embroidered at the base with zari and cut work to glam up the already glamorous fabric. There are other variations of velvet shawls too such as thread work like Bareeze velvet shawls or hand work which may contain dabka and crystals. Kashees bridal velvet shawls are really good example for that. Those velvet shawls are usually worn by brides on their wedding day with the bridal wear.