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Designer Velvet Shawls Beautiful Designs Pakistan

Velvet shawls

Designer Velvet Shawls are very highly demanded in Pakistan. These beautiful designer velvet shawls are a great accessory to throw on any plain Pakistani suit or even on your wedding wear as a guest or as a bride. This is an essential winter wedding accessory to look perfectly styled up and to stay warm and cozy at the same time.

Women around Pakistan are buying designer velvet shawls in different colors like blue, maroon, green and black. There is a variety of different designs by different designers of velvet shawls in Pakistan. Mohsin Naveed Raanjha black embroidered velvet shawl worn by Maya Ali got really popular and it became a trend in the nick of time. Later on many designers and brands like Kashees and Bareeze introduced velvet shawls which got a lot of popularity in 2019 as well.

But, due to the high pricing, many people chose to go for replica designer velvet shawls that look close to original embroidered velvet shawls but are relatively cheaper. These designer replica velvet shawls might have a lower quality of fabric and embroidery but they look pretty much the same from far.

In this article, we will display a number of velvet shawls by famous Pakistani designers as well as some replica velvet shawls with price.

Mohsin Naveed Raanjha Velvet Shawls

Mohsin Naveed Raanjha is the first ever designer in Pakistan who introduced embroidered velvet shawls. These velvet shawls were so heavily embellished that people worn them with the bridal wear. Even guys carried these embroidered velvet shawls very well.

The era of velvet shawls has not ended yet. Although Mohsin Naveed Raanjha started off with embroidered velvet shawls in 2017 but, the trend continued and he came up with more variations of velvet shawls which people still admire in 2020. The price of Mohsin Naveed Raanjha velvet shawl starts from PKR 2 lacs.

Designer Velvet Shawls
Mohsin Naveed Raanjha bridal shawl
Mohsin Naveed Raanjha embroidered shawls
Mohsin Naveed Raanjha velvet shawl

Kashees Velvet Shawls

Kashees displayed Kashees bridal velvet shawls on Good Morning Pakistan in December 2018. He showcased his bridal velvet shawls collection on beautiful models wearing Kashees bridal dresses. Amazing velvet shawls colors were selected to go with Kashees bridal lehngas which were admired by everyone in Pakistan.

He did go a slightly overboard with the embroidery on shawls but he managed to produce an outclass final piece. The price of Kashees bridal shawl starts from PKR 1 lac.

Kashees Velvet Shawls
Kashees bridal Velvet Shawls
Kashees Shawls

Bareeze Velvet Shawls

Bareeze Velvet Shawls also got very popular in Pakistan due to the more wearable and less heavier designs. People admired the elegance that was maintained in designs of Bareeze Velvet Shawls. These velvet shawls did not have much of sequins work but was rather a thread based embroidery.

The focus was mainly on the different patterns and the overall appearance of the shawls. Bareeze Shawls are cheaper than both the above mentioned designers. The price of Bareeze embroidered velvet shawls start from PKR 45k and range up to PKR 75k. Read more about Bareeze Velvet Shawls here.

bareeze velvet shawls

Replica Designer Velvet Shawls

Velvet replica shawls got a lot of popularity as they looked very similar to the original designer shawls but were sold at a very low price as PKR 3k. A lot of different styles were made on these replica velvet shawls that gained people’s attention. It is a good way to save money if you have to wear it only one time. Because, heavy stuff like this is often just hanging in our wardrobe.

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