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Nilofer Shahid Velvet Shawls Beautiful Designs

winter 2019 nilofer shahid
winter 2019 nilofer shahid

Nilofer Shahid Velvet Shawls are literally matchless. These beautiful velvet shawls have something truly unique that you may not have seen anywhere else. We have seen Kashees bridal shawls, Bareeze velvet shawls, Mohsin Naveed Raanjha shawls and Nishatlinen velvet shawls. But, Nilofer Shahid velvet shawls have truly different style to it.

In terms of colors, she has not played with a different palatte but has sticked to the traditional colors in velvet like blue, black, green and maroon. But, she has used a very beautiful banarasi on the pallu and border outline of the shawl. Matte and deep velvet shawls looks absolutely stunning with glossy and shinny Banarasi. Moreover, these velvet shawls have a very unique kind of embroidery on the edges of the shawl.

Nilofer Shahid Velvet Shawls

We have picked some designs of Nilofer Shahid velvet shawls with price. The price of Nilofer Shahid shawls start from PKR 35,000. There are several colors and styles in these shawls which you can see below.

Mughal Flora – Nilofer Shahid Shawls 2019

Nilofer Shahid Velvet Shawls
nilofer shahid winter 2019

This beautiful black velvet shawl has a plain center but embroidered edges and banarasi borders. It also has tassles hanging on the edge of the floral embroidered bunches. The shawl is made on 100% pure velvet and the size is almost 3 yards. This price of this shawl is ₨36,500.

Opulent Orchid – Nilofer Shahid Winter Shawls

nilofer shahid winter collection
winter collection 2019

This is one of the absolute beautiful pieces from Nilofer Shahid winter collection 2019 in such a beautiful and rich purple color. It has embroidery on the border and small birds embroidered on the base. This shawl is 3 yards in size and the price of this shawl is ₨42,500.

Syrian Empress – Nilofer Shahid Winter Collection 2019

velvet shawls 2019
nilofar shahid velvet

This is another black velvet shawl from Nilofer Shahid winter collection 2019 which has a very beautiful blend of banarasi and velvet with embroidered phoenix at the border. It also has a very delicate lace border outlining the piece. The size of this shawl is 3 yards and the price is ₨28,500.

Floral Legacy – Nilofer Shahid Winter 2019

nilofer shahid designs
nilofer shahid bridal shawls

Pure velvet shawl in a beautiful burgundy shade with rich floral embroidery and beautifully defused banarasi borders. This design is in stock and can be found in Nilofer Shahid winter collection 2019. This shawl is 3 yards in size and its price is ₨38,500.

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