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Nishat Linen Velvet Shawls Amazing Designs 2019

Nishat-Linen-Velvet-Shawls Cover

Nishat Linen Velvet Shawls received immense praise in Pakistan. These beautiful velvet shawls are made on very delicate velvet and look absolutely stunning due to the best selection of embroidery on it.

These velvet shawls were sold very well in Pakistan as well as in UAE and other parts of the world. They not only had casual shawls but had bridal velvet shawls as well. The colors of these shawls were truly unique. Many people loved the beautiful beige color used in these velvet shawls. Moreover, the blues and maroons in these velvet shawls were quite unique.

We have seen royal blue velvet shawls and reddish maroon velvet shawls from other designers. But, Nishat linen chose a very beautiful midnight blue and burgundy base for the shawls.

Nishat Linen Velvet Shawls

There might be a variety of other designer velvet shawls in the market but we adore these beautiful and elegant Nishat linen shawls.We have gathered a few designs of Nishatlinen velvet shawls with price for you to gather some styling inspiration if you are thinking to wear a velvet shawl to an important event or your own wedding.

Nishat linen Shawls

These beautiful shawls have various designs and each one differs from the other. The colors are also very beautifully paired so you can take some styling tips as well. The price of nishal linen shawls start from PKR 19,000.

Nishat Linen Velvet Shawls
Nishat Linen Shawls
velvet shawls
designer velvet shawls
designer shawls

Nishat Linen Beige Shawl

A plain beige velvet shawl to rock on any color suit. It can look pretty amazing with a darker suit but, this beautiful beige on beige has literally won my heart.

nishatlinen shawls
beige nishatlinen shawl

Nishat Linen Bridal Shawls

Not only casual, but, nishatlinen has also presented this beautiful maroon velvet shawl which has embroidered base and a delicately embroidered border which looks amazing on this antique traditional bridal dress.

nishat linen bridal shawl
nishat linen bridal shawl

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