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Beautiful Pakistani Suit with Velvet Shawl Designs 2020

velvet shawl pakistan
velvet shawl pakistan
Pakistani Suit with Velvet Shawl looks extremely gorgeous on any formal event. Many celebrities were spotted wearing embellished velvet shawls in different style this year. In this article, You will see all the style inspirations to rock your velvet shawls.

Pakistani Suit with Velvet Shawl. Plain suit with heavy dupatta is the biggest fashion trend of the year. Women across Pakistan are wearing embroidered velvet shawls with different style suits. If you have purchased one for yourself, then you might be wondering what to wear with your embroidered velvet shawl ?

Ideas of Pakistani Suit with Velvet Shawl

You may choose to wear a plain suit with velvet shawl like these celebrities. A plain silk peplum or kurta looks extremely elegant with Pakistani embroidered velvet shawl.

Pakistani Suit with Velvet Shawl

Embroidered Velvet Shawl with Net Suit

Same as base embellishment on net also looks very good with velvet shawls in Pakistan. You can go for white or any lighter shade to wear underneath the dark color such as maroon velvet shawl.

Embroidered Velvet Shawl

Velvet Shawl with Anarkali Frock

Maya Ali is looking absolutely stunning in this plain black anarkali long frock and embellished velvet shawl. She has worn this look to her best friend’s wedding and it turned out one of her best styles.

Fancy Velvet Shawl

Banarasi Suit with Velvet Shawl

Banarasi is also a very good fabric to rock with your embroidered velvet shawl. In the photo the model is wearing dark green velvet shawl with a nude banarasi suit which looks absolutely stunning.

Banarasi velvet shawl
banarasi suit with velvet shawl

Raw Silk Pakistani Suit with Velvet Shawl

This look is so beautiful to rock on any day event or an evening dinner party or a formal meet up. You can choose to go a shade lighter than your velvet shawl color to look slightly different.

silk suit with velvet shawl

Fancy Suit with Velvet Shawl

This beautiful fancy suit with velvet shawl looks truly amazing to wear on any formal event. The color suggestion is also very gorgeous along with the design of the dress.

dress with velvet shawl

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