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Velvet Block Printed Shawls Amazing Ideas

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Velvet Block Printed Shawls are more admired than embroidered velvet shawls. Because of the lighter weight and more wearable designs of these shawls, women prefer to wear them even with casual outfits. There are several varieties of velvet shawls with block print. Some are casual whilee some are heavily done.

Velvet Block Printed Shawls Designs

There are several colors and designs available in these beautiful velvet block printed shawls. You may find thick block printed borders as well as very delicate and thin block printed borders on these Pakistani velvet shawls. Like Bareeze Velvet shawls or other brands velvet shawls, these shawls are not expensive. The price of these velvet shawls with block print start from Rs5000 and range up to Rs.7000.

Velvet Block Printed Shawls
velvet shawls
block printed shawls
maroon velvet shawl

If you are wondering where to buy these elegant block printed shawls then you can try visiting Eleganza Store. You will find more designs and price updates on the website.

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