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Islamic Dresses For Ladies

Islamic Dresses for Ladies

Considering the teachings of Islam, women wear dresses that conform to Islamic rules, culture, social and political norms. Islam preaches modesty so women abiding by the basic rules wear dresses that cover their bodies yet fulfilling the latest trends by going for modern forms of Muslim traditional islamic dresses including loose-fitting, long, flowing garments.

Trendy Islamic Dresses For Women

In this modern era Muslim women enjoy a wide range of trendy styles in clothing including

  • Kaftans
  • Abayas
  • Tunics
  • Long Cardigans
  • Trench Coats
  • Skirts and Blouses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Farasha

Islamic Dresses for Working Women

Muslim women can wear dresses to office that are comfortable yet trendy making them look absolutely fashionable and chic.

Blazers are trending in every season. Women work wear fashion outfits include blazers as they are easy to wear giving a classy look to the whole attire. They can mix and match office clothes like using pastel colors for blouses, wearing them with pencil skirts or trousers.

Work wear collection also include satchel bags or bowling bags, shoes, glasses, makeup and matching scarves. it’s important to stick to neutral colors with a pop of vibrant color in head-scarf as per choice to keep it business.

Islamic Dresses for Parties and Weddings

It usually gets very tricky when it comes to party dresses for women as per Islamic principles but with the right styling sense it can give you an elegant beautiful look stealing the show.

It is always great to keep some vibrant colors as your party wear such as red, blue, maroon etc matching it with statement jewellery and perfect makeup. Here are some examples of party wear dresses :

Velvet Maxi Dresses

Here is an option to look glamorous on just any party wearing a velvet dress with full sleeves pairing it up with a clutch bag and high heels.


Farasha is a long flowy dress for women with butterfly like sleeves. It gives an exquisite look to women’s clothing style. It can be embroidered at the front. It comes in a variety of colors creating a perfect party look for ladies.

Party wear Long Kurtis

Long shirts or embroidered kurtis with tights or pencil pants is another highly recommended dress for parties. It can be worn with matching scarves and shoes.

Party Wear Gowns For Women

To keep it royal and elegant, Gowns are an excellent options to be worn at parties for muslim women. Covering till toe, gowns are long flowy and give a princess like look to girls making a perfect outfit for any wedding or party. They can be selectively or fully embroidered paired up with silk/satin scarf for women.

Party Wear long Skirts For Women

Blouses with laces or fringe add a stylish oopmh to the look with tassels that are trendy and western-inspired. Wearing them with long skirts give an enchanting and cheerful look to your party/wedding attire.

Islamic Dresses for Sports women

Lastly, here are some ideal dresses that muslim girls can wear to gym, for a workout, on a beach or merely a light jog. This active wear includes, modest tracksuits, fully covered swimsuits, pareo with tights for beach, sports bonnet for covering head.

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