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Winter Dresses Velvet Shawls

Beautiful Bareeze Velvet Shawls Winter

bareeze velvet shawls cover
bareeze velvet shawls cover
Latest Bareeze winter 2019 collection has introduced beautiful Bareeze velvet shawls with gorgeous embroidery and designs to rock any winter party or event.

Bareeze velvet shawls were literally the best thing I’ve seen in the Pakistani dress designer market. Many designs were made on velvet shawls earlier but, these shawls are truly unique in their own way.

Bareeze Velvet Shawls

These Bareeze shawls have a sort of vintage touch and feel to them. It looks like royal Mughlai beauty with Victorian grace. Bareeze shawls are embellished with a huge amount of attention on the detailing. Along with that beautiful contrasting colors were chosen to embellish Bareeze velvet shawls such as gold, pink, red and antique rose gold color on dark bases like maroon, midnight blue and black.

Ambrosa Maroon Velvet Shawl Bareeze

This beautiful ambrosa maroon velvet shawl bareeze looks absolutely stunning. This embroidered maroon velvet shawl by bareeze has very heavily embroidered borders and heavy embellishment on the pallu.

Maroon Velvet Shawl Bareeze
Maroon Velvet Shawl Bareeze
bareeze maroon velvet shawl
embroidered maroon velvet shawl bareeze

Bareeze Black Velvet Shawl

This beautiful bareeze black velvet shawl also has very heavy embellishment on it just like the maroon one. But, this black bareeze velvet shawl has an embroidered bunch in the center as well which looks stunning.

Bareeze Black Velvet Shawl
Black Velvet Shawl bareeze
black bareeze velvet shawl
embroidered black bareeze shawl

Bareeze Blue Velvet Shawl

Bareeze blue velvet shawl with delicately embroidered borders. This gorgeous blue bareeze velvet shawl has a very detailed and heavy pallu just like the above two.

blue velvet shawl bareeze
embroidered blue bareeze shawl
embroidered bareeze shawl

Emporio Black Bareeze Velvet Shawls

This emporio black bareeze velvet shawl has a very thin border lace around the shawl and delicate flowers scattered at the base. This black bareeze embroidered velvet shawl also has a very detailed thick pallu design.

black embroidered bareeze velvet shawl
velvet shawl in black by bareeze

Green Velvet Shawl Bareeze

Green velvet shawl bareeze with very elegant embroidered details on the pallu and a delicate border lace. This teal bareeze velvet shawl also has an embroidered base.

teal bareeze shawl
bareeze green velvet shawl
green bareeze velvet shawl

Bareeze Velvet Shawl in Black

Gorgeous embroidered bareeze velvet shawl in black. This shawl is sort of unique than most of bareeze velvet shawls. It has thick borders but very detailed and intricate.

embroidered black bareeze shawl
full embroidered bareez velvet shawl
embroidered black velvet shawl bareeze

Full Embroidered Bareeze Kimono Shawl

Embroidered bareeze kimono shawl in majestic midnight blue color. This beautiful fully embroidered bareeze velvet shawl has floral embroidered pattern all over the base and the patterns at the border pallu are just slightly bigger in size.

royal blue bareeze shawl
embroidered bareeze shawls
bareeze shawl with embroidery

Bareeze Red Velvet Shawl

A very beautiful Bareeze red velver shawl with beautiful embroidered patterns at the base and border. This gorgeous Bareeze velvet shawl in red can be a perfect choice for any formal winter event or a wedding.

red embroidered velvet shawl
red embellished bareeze shawl
embroidered red velvet shawl bareeze

Full Embroidered Black Velvet Shawl Bareeze

Timelessly beautiful full embroidered black velvet shawl by bareeze has our hearts. This is my absolute favorite bareeze velvet shawl. Its borders are very beautifully embroidered and look very elegant despite a very heavily embroidered pallu.

black embroidered shawl bareeze
full embroidered velvet shawl
full embroidered velvet shawl bareeze

Bareeze velvet shawl prices start from PKR 40,000 and ranges up to PKR 75,000. These bareeze embroidered velvet shawls are available on Bareeze official website in Bareeze winter 19 collection.

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